With 200 lagers, ales and craft beers on sale this year there’s something for every palate – so take a look at the list below and start planning your course of attack!

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No.Beer NameABV (%)Style/Description

Andwell Brewing Co.

1Resolute3.8Best Bitter
2Gold Muddler3.9Golden blonde ale with fresh taste and citrus aroma.
3King John (Green Hop)4.2Rich amber beer with a fruity hoppyness.
4Five Little Fishes5.0Amber Ale

Ascot Ales

5Final Furlong (Posh Pooch)4.2Best Bitter
65/4 Favourite (Alligator)4.6Golden Ale
7Dark Horse (Penguin Porter)4.5Porter
9Anastasia’s Imperial Stout8.0Stout

Betteridge’s Brewery

10Jenny Wren4.2A golden, single hop pale ale. Using a hop from New Zealand this beer is very flavoursome and has a distinctive hoppy flavour.
11Old Chap3.8A full flavoured amber coloured ale. Brewed with the finest malts from Warminster Maltings and traditional English hops.
12Serious Black4.2Cream stout using dark malts and roasted barley to give coffee and chocolate notes with burnt toast.
13Private Sector4.2Best Bitter

Binghams Brewery

14Brickworks Bitter4.2Best Bitter
15Space Hoppy IPA5.0IPA
16Vanilla Stout5.0Stout
17Hop Project4.5Pale Ale

Bond Brews

18Goldi-Hops3.9Pale Ale
19Best of British4.0Best Bitter
20Railway Porter3.7Brown Porter
21Bengal Tiger4.3IPA

Bowman Ales

22Swift One3.8Pale golden and wonderful flavour for its strength, Hampshire Beer of the Year 07/08.
23Wallops Wood4.0Best bitter colour with more malt than hops. Hants Beer of the Year 2011.
24Yumi3.9Golden Ale
25Quiver4.5Golden in colour with a wonderful mown grass aroma, this premium bitter is full of complex flavours including a tiny amount of caramel.
26Pukka Porter4.2Porter

Brewhouse and Kitchen

27On Le Tiss4.0Golden Ale
28Walk The Line5.0IPA
29Professor5.0Black IPA

Broken Bridge

31It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere5.0America Rye IPA
33Henchman3.8Vienna IPA

Cracklerock Brewing Co.

34Crackerjack3.8A light hoppy ale.
35Gold Rush4.5Premium golden ale, this is a perfect beer for those who love fullness and depth.
36Crafty Shag5.0A beautiful, smooth, strong, well balanced ale.
37Dark Destroyer4.9Porter

Dancing Man

38Bone Dry3.4Session IPA
39Haunted by Dr Rudi4.5Pale Ale
40Fiddlers Jig4.8Special Bitter
41Jack O’Diamonds4.5Red Ale

Downton Brewery

42New Forest Ale3.8Best Bitter
43Elderquad4.0Session Pale
44German Pale Ale4.2Best Bitter
45Chocolate Orange Delight5.8Old Ale
46Chimera IPA6.8IPA

Elusive Brewing

47Summer Zestquinox4.5Lime Zest PA
48The New Zealand Story4.7Pale Ale
49Level Up5.0American Red
50TBC6.0Coffee Porter

Fallen Acorn

51Hole Hearted4.7Golden Ale
52Expedition IPA5.5IPA
53Pot Kettle4.4Porter
54Black Hearted4.7Black IPA
55Dankashire Hop Pot3.8 

Flack Manor Brewery

56Double Drop3.7Session Ale
57Flack Catcher4.4Golden Ale
58Hedge Hop4.9Rich amber colour reveals a deep biscuity maltiness balanced with exotic fruits from Challenger, Pilot and English Cascade hops.

Flowerpots Brewery

60Flower Bots Bitter3.8Session Ale
61Perridge Pale3.6A light straw colour with a subtle twist of citrus hop. A very refreshing beer.
62Goodens Gold4.8A modern style strong bitter, quite hoppy, with a rich golden colour.
63Sparks4.1Session IPA

Fuller, Turner & Smith

65Seafarers3.6Brewed with a blend of finest-quality English malt, famous Gales yeast, and the aptly named Admiral hop.
66Olivers Island3.8A glorious gold colour, delicate floral and citrus aromas. Biscuity, grapefruit flavour on the palate, tropical notes and zesty qualities.
67London Pride4.1Well loved classic best bitter.
68Red Fox4.3Tawny in colour, off-white head of lacy bubbles. Forest fruit on the nose and a taste of biscuit and caramel with blackberry.
69HSB4.8Gale’s award-winning, distinctive, high quality premium bitter.
70ESB5.5One of the strongest regularly brewed draught beers in the country.
71American Fall4.0IPA

Hogs Back Brewery

72T.E.A.4.2Best Bitter
73H.B.B.3.7Session Bitter
74Surrey Nirvana4.0Golden Ale
75Harvest Home4.0Amber Ale

Irving & Co Brewers

76Admiral Stout4.3A classic dark Oatmeal stout, with a deep black colour and smooth malt flavour.
77Invincible4.6A full bodied chestnut coloured premium ale with an initial sweet malty flavour.
78Iron Duke IPA5.3Modern style IPA, aromas of sherbet and lemon, palate is soft fruits and pineapple balanced with a subtle toffee sweetness.
80Thai me up3.8A Golden bitter with more than just a hint of aromatic Thai flavours.
81Captain B5.3Spiced Rum Ale, a strong sweet and spicy taste of the Caribbean.

Island Brewery

82Wight Gold4.0Golden Ale
83Yahctsman’s Ale4.2Best Bitter
84Wight Knight4.5Strong Ale
85Earl’s R.D.A.5.0Dark Ale

Itchen Valley Brewery

86Pure Gold4.8Pure Gold is a clean, strong, light golden ale which really is liquid gold in a glass.
87Hampshire Rose4.2A lovely hoppy ale brewed with four choice hops – Hercules, Nugget, Galena and Target.
88New Hampshire4.3American PA

Langham Brewery

90Best4.5Best Bitter
91Arapaho4.9American PA
92Langham Special Draught (LSD)5.2Strong Ale
93Black Swallow6.0Black IPA
94Triple XXX4.4Dark Milkd

Little London Brewing

95Red Boy3.7Traditional British session bitter.
96May’s Bounty4.4Premium Ale
97Doreen’s Dark3.2Dark Ale
98Hoppy Hilda3.8Premium bitter with lots of British hops.
99Night Porter4.7Porter

Loddon Brewery

100Reading Best4.0Best Bitter
101Ferrymans Gold4.4Golden Ale
102Bamboozle4.8Strong Ale
103Forbury Lion5.5IPA
104Peeler4.5Copper Ale

London Road Brewhouse

105Athena3.8Pale Ale
106Kodiak4.2Best Bitter

Longdog Brewery

107Golden Poacher3.9Magnificent, hoppy, Golden Ale. Lovely citrus aroma and flavour from Green Bullet and Galena hops.
108Red Runner4.2Ruby Ale
109Kismet4.5American-hopped Pale Ale. Assertive hop bitterness, flavour and aroma; soft fruit on the nose; grapefruit & subtle hint of pine after-taste.
110Lamplight Porter5.0Multi award-winning Porter in 19th Century style. Roast coffee and chocolate maltiness with a robust bitterness.
111Wobbly Whippet5.0Strong Ale

Red Cat Brewing

112Prowler Pale3.6Light straw coloured, easy drinking session beer, modern hops give light citrus notes.
113Scratch4.0Golden Ale
114Mr M’s Porter4.5Porter, uses 4 roasted malts and little hop to give aromas of chocolate, vanilla & soft Greek coffee.
115Tomcat4.7American style Pale Ale using 6 different hop varieties.
117Kairos4.4Session IPA

Ringwood Brewery

118Razorback3.8Best Bitter
119Boondoggle4.2Blond Ale
120Fortyniner4.9Rich and golden craft ale. Light, fresh hop bouquet, rounded malt in the mouth with strong hop balance and bittersweet finish.
121Old Thumper5.1The wild boar of beer, a copper coloured full-flavoured strong ale. Peppery, spicy aroma with a hint of apple.

Sherfield Village Brewery

122TBA3.9Brewed with multiple hops, added throughout the boil for a well-rounded beer with a good bitter finish.
123Green Hop IPA4.8Rich, deep and complex copper-coloured bitter with green hops used at the end for a fresh, vinous character.
124Pioneer Stout5.0Stout
125IPA 20175.5IPA
126Butcher’s Brew4.9Brown Ale

Siren Craft Brew

127Yu Lu3.6Loose Leaf PA
128Undercurrent4.5Outmeal PA
129Broken Dream6.5Stout

Southsea Brewing Co.

130Casemate IPA5.4IPA
131Lights Out5.2Black IPA

Surrey Hills

133Ranmore3.8Session Bitter
134Shere Drop4.2Pale Ale
136Collusion5.2Pale Ale


137Skew Sunshine Ale4.6A fresh, straw coloured ale with a citrus flavour and a light bitterness.
138Palmerston’s Folly5.0Golden Ale
139Land of Hop and Glory4.5Best Bitter
140Liberation4.2This beer is light and spritzy with blackcurrant overtone.

Triple fff

141Alton’s Pride3.8Traditional amber bitter, full and clean tasting, initially malty then citrus fruit.
142Citra Sonic4.4Super aromatic grapefruit and pine aroma with some sweet malt followed by the flavour of pineapple more grapefruit and tropical fruits.
143Moondance4.2American Cascade hops create a wonderfully aromatic floral nose balanced by a gentle bitterness with a hint of sweetness.
144Hunky Dory4.7Tawny Bitter
145Pressed Rat & Warthog3.8Dark Mild

Upham Brewery

146Tipster3.6Golden and light, honey flavours with a thirst-quenching clean finish.
147Punter4.0Rich ochre in colour, hints of syrup and toasted grain, a hoppy, dry finish.
148Autumn Leaves4.3Ruby Ale
149Pegasus4.3Tawny Ale

Urban Island Brewing

150DSB4.6Summer Ale
151Porter 285.0Porter
152High and Dry5.5An American hopped IPA with an earthy base and citrus finish.

Vibrant Forest

153Black Forest4.9Porter
154Outlander4.0Rye Pale Ale
155Cydonia4.7Heavy atmosphere of grapefruit groves and pine forests. A balanced bitterness and a new world of flavour.
156Kaleidoscope6.5Fresh hops bursting with fruitiness fill the senses. Rich yellow and gold colours, and a mellow bitterness.
157Single Hop Pale Ale5.0Pale Ale
158Kick-Start5.7Out & Coffee Stout

West Berkshire Brewery

159Good Old Boy4.0Best Bitter
160Dr Hexter’s Healer5.0Strong Ale
161Mr Swift’s Pale Ale4.0Pale Ale
162Magg’s Magnificent Mild3.8Mild

Wild Weather Ales

163Betrayal4.0American PA
164Shepherds Warning5.6A pale IPA where the flavours start soft and smooth building to a wondeful big hit of hoppy grapefruit, peach and mango flavours.
165Cry of the Upstarts4.2Prog English Ale
166Breakfast at Sicily’s5.4Cloudy Lemon IPA
167Skadoosh11.0Double IPA

Craft Beers

No.Beer NameABV (%)Style/Description

Andwell Brewing Co.



2London Pride (Unfiltered)5.0Best Bitter
3Sierra Nevada4.1American PA
4Frontier4.5Craft Lager

Hogs Back Brewery

5Hogstar4.5Craft Lager

London Road Brewhouse

6Hoptopus4.5American PA
7Death’s Head4.7Stout

Siren Craft Brew

8Sound Wave5.6West Coast IPA
9Calypso5.8Berliner Weisse
10Liquid Mistress4.0Red IPA

Unity Brewing

12Collusion6.2South Coast IPA
13Trans Europe Espresso6.2Coffee Blonde

Upham Brewery

14UB55.0Premium Craft Ale

Vibrant Forest

16Dual Hop4.5Pale Ale
17Cambrian Root5.1Liquorice Stout

Wild Weather Ales

19Virtual IPA5.7IPA
20Bragging Rights6.0New England IPA
21The Tropical5.0Tropical IPA
22Blood of Angry Men5.0Raspberry Sour
23Dark of Ages Past5.0Blueberry Sour